Sunday, December 27, 2009

At 50 are you still vulnerable to all the hype in advertising---YES

I purchased some software on ebay that I was excited to begin learning Spanish. When the item was received...I opened it and of course it ended up being false advertising and the software will not load on my tower. I emailed the vendor to which he stated, of course, that it is my operating system registry and he failed to disclose that he was selling OEM software..which is a gray area of selling unauthorized software...maybe the misspelled words in the quickstart guide gives me a heads up about the legitimacy of all involved. I explained that to the vendor to which he states" oh I must have omitted the OEM version by mistake" never addressed the typos in the literature and proceeded to send me to a website to fix my problem? Hum...I think I've been had....


  1. totally off topic
    did you know that lots of eating disorder ads pop up when I open your blog
    haha! that is not a problem is it?

  2. I think it has something to do with over 50?