Friday, January 15, 2010

It takes less time to gain then to lose weight

Yes..even more so at 51! Really after age 45 seems to be the magic numbe for me! I stick to my small meals..but during the holidays I added my late night snack of 1 cup of peppermint ice cream. One cup! You would have thought it was a whole quart the way that my body metabolized the sugar from ONE CUP! Yea, I comes with it will take 14 days to lose the extra 6 pounds that I gained in 4 days! It is just not fair! I hardly eat (small meaningful meals) and I work out more than anybody I know and the weight just piles on overnight! That's least I can continue with the same New Year's Resolution as I've had from past years!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

did you know that lots of eating disorder ads pop up when I open your blog

Ok..what's with that? Why would there be eating disorder ads associated with my aging blog? Do they assume that everyone who would be interested in my blog would have any kind of disorder? Surely not...we are bombarded daily with positive affirmations and acceptance of aging! None of this do I think I'm fat or do these pants make by butt look big? We are revered every minute of the day of accepting ourselves as we are and that getting old is an honor and looked upon as a sacred passage in life! Right!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

At 50 are you still vulnerable to all the hype in advertising---YES

I purchased some software on ebay that I was excited to begin learning Spanish. When the item was received...I opened it and of course it ended up being false advertising and the software will not load on my tower. I emailed the vendor to which he stated, of course, that it is my operating system registry and he failed to disclose that he was selling OEM software..which is a gray area of selling unauthorized software...maybe the misspelled words in the quickstart guide gives me a heads up about the legitimacy of all involved. I explained that to the vendor to which he states" oh I must have omitted the OEM version by mistake" never addressed the typos in the literature and proceeded to send me to a website to fix my problem? Hum...I think I've been had....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it normal to want to work out so hard that you throw up? 50..I work out at a place called Sparta Crossfit. I've been working out there for about 4 months now...I finally reached the level of Spartanism when I worked out so hard that I threw up. I now have a reserved place on the barf board. At 50 I don't remember my mother aspiring to make her place on the barf board? My children 11, 14, and 16, all boys I might add, look at me as if I'm crazy? Yes, I am and I love this craziness for the right reason. I like it and it keeps me alive! I love that 18 y.o.'s are trying to keep up with me (at least with their fitness level). Will I throw up again? I don't know, but it is nice to have a choice?

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Thought for the Day...

Today is it that I'm 50 or is it that I have simply lost my sense of self..I'm in the in between...11 y.o. son, 13 y.o. son, and 16 y.o. son..married to my husband for 17 years..He has found his passion...Ironman...full time and fun...This just seemed another day..where were the days that I made Christmas fun..bought the babies their much wanted toys...invited friends over..imbibed and ate and was merry! I'm now trying to reinvent my worth as I see that I'm needed less in the ways that I cherished the most...Where am I...Where am I...I seek an evolving self towards fulfillment of why I'm here now....I go through the "right" stuff..board member of a child abuse residential home...think of others happiness...sure that everyone is cared for and learning what they need to be functional and happy people...
What happens when you are in a place of hold? Emotions turned off..floating? Hum.....