Friday, January 15, 2010

It takes less time to gain then to lose weight

Yes..even more so at 51! Really after age 45 seems to be the magic numbe for me! I stick to my small meals..but during the holidays I added my late night snack of 1 cup of peppermint ice cream. One cup! You would have thought it was a whole quart the way that my body metabolized the sugar from ONE CUP! Yea, I comes with it will take 14 days to lose the extra 6 pounds that I gained in 4 days! It is just not fair! I hardly eat (small meaningful meals) and I work out more than anybody I know and the weight just piles on overnight! That's least I can continue with the same New Year's Resolution as I've had from past years!


  1. You husband said your blog was "chasing 50 ......", not 51! LOL No wonder I couldn't find you. ;)

  2. Great! Now you have scared me. I'm 45! And, I LOVE SUGAR. Yikes.

  3. Hey Woman!!
    Why don't you post anymore????